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All of our products, are made with natural ingredients. We use Organic Shea Butter as the base for the majority of our bath products.

Why have we selected shea butter as our main ingredient? The moisturizers in shea butter not only keep your skin clean, it also smooths the skin, it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and anyone can use it.


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Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer for both the skin and the hair. The properties of the coconut oil help in the following:

  • remove dead skin cells and dirt away from the body; 

  • help prevent or reduce acne;

  • firm up your skin

  • and provide antioxidants, which helps maintaining a younger look 

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Shea Butter
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Shea butter comes from the “nut” (or pit) of the fruit found on the Karite Tree. We purchase our shea butter directly from Ghana, in its unrefined state. You’ll find that shea butter is the primary ingredient in all of our products, specifically our soaps and shea butters.

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Palm Oil

If you have dry skin, palm oil is a great way to hydrate, moisturize, and protect. The oil protects against the temperature and dryness of the air around you to keep your skin fresh. It also helps as an anti-aging supplement. 

The palm oil soap refreshes your skin and helps it maintain its elasticity. Even with its great skin properties, very few of our products contain palm oil.

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Rice Bran Oil

Rice Bran oil is expressed from the outer husk of rice. It's rich in vitamin E, is low cleansing and highly moisturizing. When mixed with ingredients like highly cleansing coconut oil, it helps to make a balanced, gentle bar of soap that is perfect for people with sensitive or mature skin.

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Distilled Water

We use distilled water in our soaps. By using distilled water we are able to maintain pure properties in our products.

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