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Marble Surface


"My whole life, I have struggled with 2 rare skin conditions that cause discoloration, extreme light sensitivity, uneven skin tone, and dryness. This has been an ongoing problem that has caused me to be very self conscious of showing my arms, neck, and back in public...which has often left me feeling uncomfortable. My arms were so sensitive that I would look and feel sunburned just from being in the sun for 5 minutes! I thought nothing would help my skin improve. Then I started using Iremia Naturals lemon zest lavender bar and the change in my skin happened literally overnight! My skin was soft and moisturized from the goat's milk and that soft feeling lasted all day. The scent was delicate on my skin, but long lasting... my family said they could smell the juicy lemons and lavender hours after I would get off work! It really worked wonders for my skin. Within 3 days, I noticed the blotchiness in my arms and neck was going away, and my sensitivity to the sun had disappeared completely. After 2 weeks of using the soap, my arms, neck and back all had 1 even skin tone (goodbye cheetah print blotches!) and my skin was naturally soft and supple for the first time in YEARS. In addition to the soap, I also use the shea body butter  right out of the shower and it seals in moisture in addition to smelling great all day. I highly recommend these products to all my family and friends. I can't say enough great things about Mrs. Foster and her miracle products. Ten out of ten stars!!!"

---- Jordyn P. ----

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