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It's More Than Soap

Twenty years ago almost to the day, I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  The diagnosis itself didn't scare me, that is until they told me what to expect. I had no idea what havoc chemotherapy was about to unleash on my body.  I remember losing my hair, not being able to sleep, being nauseous, gaining weight from steroids and watching my skin become scale-like from extreme dryness.  I felt like a complete mess. I believed I looked a

compete mess too.  I searched for a moisturizing cream or lotion that didn't contain a lot of water, alcohol  or had a strong fragrance that was sure to make me sick. My solution:  The most expensive over-the- counter lotion paired with Vaseline.  After six months of treatments, I was in complete remission and my body slowly began to recover. 

Although its been 20 years, it's this time of year that I often reflect on that season of my life.  If products like Iremia Naturals had been available 20 years ago, my skin could have received the moisturizing and healing properties that it so desperately needed.  My hope today is that my products will help someone else who is facing a debilitating condition like cancer that attacks your body inside and out. I truly want Iremia to be a solution that was not available for me. Thank you God…for healing me inside and out!



Thank you for sharing your powerful testimony. I am thankful for and love your products.

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